Can you compare yourself to a pastry recipe?

The pastry dough needs plenty of time to rest. There are some similarities…

How long does it take you to solve a rubik’s cube?

10 years? I haven’t solved it yet but i got close several times.

Where did you last get lost?

I’m not that good at reading maps. I get lost quite often…

Have you ever saved somebody’s life?

I’ve carried some hedgehogs & frogs over busy roads.

About Simon


Based in Munich, Germany, Simon Marchner illustrates and designs with an emphasis on limited silk screen posters.

Not only does he count Grizzly Bear, Built To Spill, Caspian and the like amongst his clients, he also participates in all sorts of art views and group exhibitions all over Germany.

Most recently, he has been selling his gig posters on music festivals and working on a limited edition of postcard series that will be distributed in selected bookstores of your trust.

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