If you were to ask your future self one question, what would make you most curious to know?

What i have achieved in my life?

What is your secrete recipe?

My conscience and wisdom.

What is the most precious item you inherited?

My father’s stamp collection.

Which superpower would you like to aquire?

The ability to fly and to shift.

Which CMYK code could you identify yourself with?

75 68 67 90

Who has been your most efficient teacher so far?

History and my own experience and mistakes.

When lucid dreaming, how does your storyline evolve?

I usually lucid dream when im walking, or should I say dream-walking, while listening to music so the story line usually evolves with motion and rhythm and movement.

What was the name of your first pet animal?

My cat: KATCHUP.

About Reza

Fashion Designer

based in Teheran, Iran.

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