Who should write your biography?

I should have written it during the whisky days, whisky made me talk all night. So I guess some hard drinks and good company, good music, a recorder and just talk and someone will do the writing. I kind of would draw my story, words are for talking.

Would you rather get pissed of by crying infants or somebody’s bad breath?

Bad breath indeed, plus oily hair.

Which piece of architecture would you compare yourself to?

I would be an old house looking better getting older, with plants growing on it.

Are you afraid of the future?

Future is now, in a sec it will be now again, in a sec will be the past: afraid of now no, in a sec maybe I change my mind.

About Rafik

Artist and Illustrator,

born in Amman, Jordan,

based in Beirut, Lebanon.

“With disarming honesty, and a voice that is intimately his own, Rafik Majzoub brings us a life story that is frank, fearless and true.”

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