How long can you be patient when stuck in traffic?

Mostly longer than the traffic jam takes. I get lost in thoughts fast and could dream and dream. I cannot get bored, there is too much happening around me. I mean, just looking at the ground, checking how it is floating and building a reality I never questioned. (Damn floor, you are a bunch of millions of millions of particles showing me a complete picture!) Time is never a waste, how even? Nothing is negative when it’s not negatively made up in your own little head. It’s an amount of time you can finally spend in your head. Let the traffic be traffic, you can’t change the circumstances you are stuck in, until you shut off the negative thought of it, and start to enjoy your left time on earth. Enjoy the now, wherever you are. In a car, a prison, next to a smelly person, on the toilet. It’s the fucking now! There is nothing more than this to understand.

Which CMYK-code could you identify yourself with?

2222 – because it’s my favorite number and I always find it everywhere I look and go. I always check my phone at 22:22. I don’t care what colour it hides or maybe I should have a look!

Which superpower would you like to aquire?

Why? I already got all of them. Give me one more year and I can float on cloads, transfer my thoughts through time and space and shift to other realities.

Are you afraid of the future?

Yesno. I know I am a very brave person when it comes to pressure. And still I am afraid of the huge wave that is standing in front of us all. Soon clashing on us with a power that we could never been able to imagine.

+ & – but through fear I reached higher levels of understanding. Or better, I confronted myself with it in my head and the more I do that, the more creativity bubbles up. Things can just vanish from one day to the other. It’s important, more than ever, to enjoy the now. There is nothing more left than that.

About Phyllis

I dare say that Phyllis Josefine is rather an experience than an actual person.

Having worked with Goldmundt. as their Creative Director, she now concentrates on her own projects. Those range from medial art, to photographic poetry, to modelling, to acting in music videos, to her own music. Speaking of which, her songs carry titles like ETERNAL, PHYSICAL or CHANGE. It would be very stupid not to check those out.

She is living in Augsburg, Germany.

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