If you were to ask your future self one question, what would make you most curious to know?

“Are you happy?”

Which childhood memory makes you want to go back in time badly?

The war… people were united by the need of surviving and staying safe…people were kinder because they realized how much they needed each other’s… and then they forget.

If you had the capacity to come up with humanity’s greatest invention, what would it be?

A very very very long soft but unbreakable ribbon that ties people together no matter where they are – one ribbon that works as a reminder that we are all one, that way evil will think twice!

When lucid dreaming, how does your storyline evolve?

I get to become the amazing inspiring teacher I know I am.

I get to be in the home of cine-jam (the home of my workshops/film lab).

About Muriel

Cinematographer & creator of “Cine-Jam the workshop”,

based in Beirut, Lebanon.

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