Is there a song that you perfectly know the lyrics of by heart, but are too ashamed to admit it?

More than one; let’s leave it at that.

What is the most heart-warming compliment you have gotten so far?

I was probably in 5th or 6th grade, my Drama teacher at the time (Miss Kathy) looked me straight in the eyes as she said “You are going to be a star!”. As a shy, insecure child that had a very powerful effect on me.

Where did you last get lost?

In my car, I get lost quite often, I have absolutely no sense of direction.

If you had the capacity of coming up with humanity’s greatest invention, what would it be?

Earphones that never get tangled!

About Mo

Unlike most graphic design graduates in Lebanon who embrace what Rusan calls the “Eurocentric method”, he returned to Amman after having lived in Beirut to work with his original roots.

Ever since, the beyond handsome Jordanian freelancer has been exploring Palestinian embroidery patterns and calligraphy and developed a strong interest in creating 3D objects blended with traditional crafts.

Also, he creatively lives out his passion for female Soul singers, ranging between Fairuz, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday.

If ever I were forced to become an animal, I would choose to be Mo’s cat Kiwi who I believe lives the most comfortable, lazy life on this planet earth.

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