Who has been your most efficient teacher so far?

Dieter P. (A painter from my hometown who killed himself when he was 80. He told me he was going to kill himself at 80 when he was 70.)

Stefan S. (My favourite lecturer during my time at FH-Düsseldorf who always pushed me in good directions.)
Victor T. (current Yoga teacher)

How long does it take you to solve a rubik’s cube?

I’ve never tried to solve a rubik’s cube but I think I could make it in under 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes when I’m hypoglycaemic.

Have you ever saved somebody’s life?

No, but I have already been saved from drowning twice. And I like a song by Cass McCombs that rotates around the topic of saving lifes. It’s called »You saved my life«.

Where did you last get lost?

Last monday morning I was stressed out, I had too much black tea and not enough breakfast. I was supposed to go to an important meeting at an adress I’ve never been to before and was already too late. I had a panic attack and needed to sit down, and I said to myself »Fuck, where am I and where can I buy a snickers right now!?«

About Max

Most importantly, Max Kersting is the inventor of Dein Punkname. Also, he works as an artist and designer in Berlin, Germany.

His wittiness and unique style has come to the attention of Süddeutsche Zeitung which made them publish a weekly column of his. Also, he has been featured by ZEIT Magazin, VICE, Slanted and the like.

Speaking of publishing, “Drei unbeschwerte Tage” joins a collection of labelled fleamarket photos, “Sterne” is a zine with a sketched star as its protagonist.

Additionally, he designs miscellaneous items, holds exhibitions, samples mixtapes and has a thing for portraits of hungover people.

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