Can you compare yourself to a pastry recipe?

I would compare myself to a poppy seed cake. A little bit grainy and special in taste but on the other side subtly sweet and intoxicant.

What is the most heart-warming compliment you have gotten so far?

“You are talking and thinking with the experience of an old wise human being.”

Are you afraid of the future?

No, I am excited!

Which CMYK Code could you identify yourself with?

Cyan 0

Magenta 0

Yellow 0

Key 99

About Jessica

Jessica Dettinger does fashion, but in a way that explains fashion as a “medium to understand what happens in our hyperreality”. Meaning, she is setting her focus on asking the right questions and analyzing everything that crosses her way in a very clever and mature sense.

And when she isn’t busy doing that, she hosts exhibitions, shoots videos, organizes Fashion Editorials of Super Paper and has most recently even become a lecturer.

When being asked about her motivation, her answer sounds like this: “It is about being interested. It’s about having an opinion!”

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