Which CMYK-code could you identify yourself with?

90 % K

Where did you last get lost?

Somewhere in my mind.

Have you ever saved somebody’s life?

Sure I did, I saved a few insects, well, and 2 ducks…

What is the most heartwarming compliment you have gotten so far?

Well, even I know it’s not true, he looked and me, rolling a cigarette, and said “Did you know that you look like Jim Morrison?”

About Daniel

The designer Daniel Fuchs is based in Munich, Germany.

His strongly melancholic photography with a literal focus on self-portraits might suggest that he is a very sophisticated person which, having studied with him at Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode / Designschule München, I can totally confirm.

He’d be too modest to admit it, but he also is a talented model and most recently acted in a music video for Coeo.

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