Have you ever saved somebody’s life?

My dad tells me again and again that I saved his life. I don’t remember the situation too much, but for him it is very important. Once, he got threatened by a nazi in his flat. In this very moment I walked up the stairs. The nazi got confused and ran away.

If you had the capacity of coming up with humanity’s greatest invention, what would it be?

I’d like to invent a brain-creeping-machine. This device can enter brains of the rulers, such as presidents, prime ministers, dictators and so on. If they make up plans that harm their nation or people elsewhere in the world, they would get an electric shock through the brain-creeping-machine. That would keep them away from abusing their power. It would remind them on their responsibility and on what is important in life.

Where did you last get lost?

In Hongkong I hiked the famous Dragon’s Back. It was close to get dark, so I walked pretty fast not taking too much attention to the signposts. Gradually I lost track and wandered around a few other paths. I got scared. But suddenly I ended up in front of the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen. The graves were built on a steep hillslope with view over the skyscrapers. It seemed to me as if the deceased people enjoy it there a lot.

Can you compare yourself to a pastry receipe?

I like this question very much. However, I had to think about it in order to find an answer. Now, I know it: I am a chocolate banana. Outside I seem to be sweet like chocolate. Inside I am full of energy, like a banana. But there is one though layer in me,  that takes quite a bit of chewing, like the cake base.

About Line

After studying Art & Politics at Goldsmith University in London as well as Communication Design at Hochschule München, Caroline von Eichhorn still didn’t have enough and also graduated from ifp Journalism School.

Meanwhile, she co-founded the blogzine Selbstdarstellungssucht, became chairwoman of Nachwuchsjournalisten Bayern e.V. and won a bunch of prizes for articles and podcasts.

When she isn’t busy working for Bayrischer Rundfunk, Süddeutsche Zeitung and other journalistic establishments, she shows her films and photos in museums and exhibitions all over Europe or audaciously travels the most absurd places on this globe.

The displayed magazine “Grips” is defined as a newspaper about the most secret piece of dark matter on planet earth, co-edited by Mariette Fischer and Günter Götzer.

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