Do you have a dazzling story of a scar to tell?

I have a scar on my lip, everyone thinks I got it from a fight, I actually slipped off a huge rock in the sea after a friend threw a sand ball at my face, slipped and banged my face on the rock.

What is the most precious item you inherited?

My grandpa’s pyjama pants. I still sleep in them sometimes.

Which TV series would you not mind to be trapped in?

The twilight zone from 1985. The inside of my brain looks them same when I day dream.

Does your surname form a cool anagram?

Of course, you can call me Llama! Get it? Get it? Allam – Llama

About Bassam

Born and raised in Cairo, Bassam has started early to outsource the magic of light and landscape when getting into photography. Parallel to his environmental engineering studies in Munich, he followed his artistic career with great ambition and perfectionism.

His multifaceted, conceptual style in between visual arts, fashion and surrealism has brought him into a bunch of group exhibitions such as Torpedo Riot Club, and a series of magazines. Whenever back in Cairo, he holds conceptual portrait workshops to pass on his expertise.

Speaking of expertise: he might just as well also be the most competent conversational partner when it comes to minerals.

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