Can you compare yourself to a pastry recipe?

Something that is nearly non-perishable and can be combined with sweet and savory spreads at once.

Probably a loaf of sourdough bread.

What is the most heart-warming compliment you have gotten so far?

I am too modest for this question.

If you were to ask your future self one question, what would make you most curious to know?

Whom were you able to love wholeheartedly and without condition?

When lucid dreaming, how does your storyline evolve?

Almost always: limitation of damage.

About Anna

As an intermedial all-rounder, Anna opened her multidisciplinary design studio BLINKBLINK in Wedding, Berlin in 2012, hosting workshops, DIY tattoo sessions and parties.

During her design related studies in Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich, she already started freelancing as a producer, visual and concept designer, writer, photographer and editor. Meanwhile, she has been organizing a monthly GHETTOGETHER in order to unite the creative elite of her neighbourhood.

A typographic Gothic print poster in her studio claims that, apparently, she doesn’t want to work (“ICH WILL NICHT ARBEITEN.”), but I really don’t believe that.

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