If you were to ask your future self one question, what would make you most curious to know?

It is hard to narrow it down to one single question. But there is one thought which bothers me for years and more or less from time to time. Is our generation really the one who just fucked it up – truly, knowing, not acting?

 What is the most precious item you inherited?

Well, not actually inherited, but I take it serious: My father passed away in 2002 and since this time, I always carry a 1-Dollar-Note in my wallet as he did for years. Some sort of superstition, the only one I really feed.

What is the most heart-warming compliment you have gotten so far?

Even if it was a kind of deputy compliment: It was the most heart-warming one I’ve ever heard. I spent a weekend with my family in Wilhelmsglücksbrunn, a small village in Thuringia. My daughter Ava just ran through the garden and over the terrace and had a lot of fun with being herself, deeply and unique. On a table, a couple which we met the evening before was sitting and playing with the owner’s cat. Ava, curious and shy at the same time, was looking at the cat. I talked with her and the couple and after a while, he said – more to his girlfriend or wife then to me: “Is she always like this? If yes, we should have thought about getting kids twice!” A statement, so lovely and sad at the same moment. A statement, more for Ava than for me or Christina. A really heart-warming one, which makes me smile again. Thanks for that, even though we will never met again.

Is there anything you would lie to your children about?

All if it would be for the well-being of my lovely daughter Ava!

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I secretly believe that, for design reasons only, his beloved daughter Ava could very well have been named “∆v∆” as well. Plus, the number of people beginning an email with “Godspeed!” is too damn low.