Do you have a dazzling story of a scar to tell?

I wouldn’t call it dazzling, but I tripped down the stairs once during a fire and got a 13-stitch scar on the right side of my forehead. People started calling me Harry Pothead.

Which childhood memory makes you want to go back in time badly?

A summary of different memories related to fear as a child, so that I could trace things to the source and fix them today.

Have you ever stolen from anybody?

No, but I have changed price tags at overpriced stores before.

If you were able to witness a famous speech from the past, which one would you attend?

Inaugural speech of legendary Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser.

About Abraham

Born in Sydney, Australia,

raised in Beirut, Lebanon,

the Architect and Graphic Artist is now enjoying the vibrancy of Berlin, Germany, as a freelancer.


His wish is to be able to sing so he would not bother anybody with his mini concerts in the shower, going all vocal.

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