What is the most heart-warming compliment you have gotten so far?

“Your work inspires me!”

Which CMYK-code could you identify yourself with??

c 50 / m 50 / y 100 / k 0

If you were to ask your future self one question, what would make you most curious to know?

Will I die happy?

Which superpower would you like to aquire?

Make peace all over the world.

About 100for10

“It is all about the kick to prove that print is still cool! As well as about the fun of discovering new artists and being surprised by artists we admire. 100 pages make a wonderful stage!”, claimed Lars Harmsen, Creative Director of Melville Brand Design and founder of Slanted, when he first initiated the 100for10 project in June 2015.

Due to the enthusiastic response to a fulminant release in Munich’s Registratur Bar, the edition is going into a much anticipated 2nd round. Once again the team gathered a glorious bunch of creative national protagonists such as Milch+Honig, Lea Brousse, Lars RosenbohmFrank Höhne, Markus Burke, André Rösler, Mirko Borsche, Michael Luz and the likes.

Also, Lars literally went beyond horizons and, among others, brought in Damir Doma (France), Gui Martinez (Japan), Myla Dalbesio (USA), Rob Lowe (United Kingdom) and Grady Gordon (USA).

“Our platform forms a hub between the international design scene and the experiment of dealing with modern shapes of aesthetics beyond design”, he states. “100for10 is a bonanza for art lovers and collectors.”

The 100for10 book project is being supported by a continous series of exhibitions one of which takes place on December 3rd (6 pm) at easy! upstream gallery in Munich.

You may rest assured to be witnessing some serious creative fireworks!


(And one additional piece of advice – make sure to get your copy signed; the participating artists tend to outdo themselves creatively when it comes to signatures….)


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